I can remember listening to Radio Luxembourg on my tiny transistor radio.  It was a secondhand radio given to me on my birthday by an aunt, who’s now into her late seventies.

The only time I could get to hear it was way past bed time and, as a very young child, placing the radio under my pillow and catching the ‘hits of the day’ was something really special.

Annoyingly, the sound would fade in and out due to signal issues but it was clear enough to get plenty of enjoyment as the music I listened to simply wasn’t played on conventional UK radio stations.

I remember the vibes I used to get what with the great music and amazing sounding jingles.  The jingles were so lively and full of energy, something seriously lackign in today’s radio programmes … station call-outs are all tinny and weak in comparison.

Sometimes one of my parents would come upstairs and so I had to turn the volume down just in case I got caught red-handed listening to the radio when I should be sound asleep.

Luxembourg and Radio Caroline were by favourite stations back in the 1960s and where I loved the voices of the DJs.

Photo credit: Marius Ziuraltis (Dave Christian & Bob Stewart)

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