is mainly a look back at vintage radio stations and the music that they played.


Pop hits from the 1960s decade feature heavily with stations like Radio Caroline, Radio Luxemburg, Radio London and many more.  The pirate stations started it all, of course.


I have worked with many DJs on Internet radio who used to work on the offshore pirate stations and where they still have that same passion for music.


I, personally, play the ‘Golden Oldies’ on my regular syndicated radio show, Vinyl Impressions which mainly goes out to hospital radio stations, as it’s free to use.


If you have any stories to tell or any views on music from the past (on vinyl of course) then, do join us and leave an article, with images or video, if you can.  It’s free to subscribe to this website.


I’ll post more as the site grows.  Contact me, Martyn at any time using the form on the Contact Us page or emailing, martyn(at)